BBC Division

The BBC Division consists of BECTU members employed by the BBC and related organisations.

The BBC Divisional Committee has responsibility for the direction of the Division.

Membership of the Committee is drawn from representatives of the four BBC Sub-Divisions:

  • Nations and News
  • Programme and Support Services
  • Ventures [BBC Studios and Post Production, BBC Worldwide, Siemens, SIS OBs, Red Bee, Capita]
  • Contractors

In each Sub-Division a Sub-Divisional Committee (SDC) oversee business in their respective areas and reports back to the BBC Divisional Committee.

Working within the Division are a number of BECTU officials, along with Lay Representatives who are BBC staff with full-time off for union duties.

Every year there is a BBC Divisional Conference at which members of the BBC Divisional Committee are elected by Branches.

More details of the Division are given in the BBC Division Bye Laws [97k pdf] which should be read alongside the BECTU Rules.

Last updated 29 April 2009