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A number of accessibility features are available on this site:
  • Users can control the default font text size using the relevant controls on some browsers.
  • Users can override the site style sheets with their own style sheet.
  • CSS signature of "bectubbc-org-uk" for users who wish to use their own style sheet.
  • A hidden link at the beginning of each page allows users (especially those with screen readers) to jump to the main content - the link can be viewed in visual browsers by overriding the site style sheets.
  • High contrast body text is used.
  • Alternative text descriptions are given for graphics and images.
The site is also access key enabled:

Conditions and policies

A number of conditions and polices cover all of this site: There may be additional conditions and policies detailed on individual pages or sections of this site.


The following relates to all of the website:
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all telephone and fax numbers shown are UK internal numbers - if ringing from outside the UK insert the appropriate international code.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all monetary values shown are expressed in UK Pound Sterling, indicated by £.
  • Short form dates are shown in the format DD.MM.YYYY (e.g. 03.01.2000 is 3 January 2000).
  • All times are UK local time, unless indicated otherwise, which is GMT during UK winter and GMT+1 during UK summer (BST - British Summer Time). All times are in 24 hour format HHmm (e.g. 2015 is 8.15 PM).
  • Legal references are to UK national legislation unless indicated otherwise.


This site is designed to adhere to HTML 4.01 (transitional) using Cascading Style Sheets, as recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium, and is best viewed with current versions of contemporary browsers, for example Mozilla Firefox.

It is an objective of this site to produce cross-browser compatibility as much as possible and to support internet open standards.

With older browsers, in particular those that do not support the use of tables or style sheets, not all layout features will be visible - however all text should be legible.

For visual browsers it is recommended viewing this site on minimum 800 x 600 pixel 256 colour display or better.

Last updated 28 December 2005