2003 BBC amendment

One amendment to propositions for the BBC Divisional Conference 2003 has been submitted.

The amendment has been accepted onto the agenda by the Standing Orders Committee (SOC) for the BBC Divisional Conference scheduled for 18 May 2003.

Proposition 3: Improvement in the Benefits and Work/Life Balance of Night Workers

That this BBC Divisional Conference asks BECTU officials to request a review of shift and night working in the BBC and the effects that this can have on people. Night working is particularly onerous and many members suffer many health problems due to such working. The BBC states that a life/work balance is important and in keeping with this we ask that the negotiators seek to secure from the BBC an undertaking for an additional clear 24 hour period of undisturbed rest added to any turn of duty at the end of any night duty cycle. This should become a corporate condition of service. There should be a full report back to branches before annual conference 2004

Central London Programmes Branch


Delete: "an additional clear 24 hour period" and replace with: "at least one calendar day (ie midnight to midnight). This period will be given for the purpose of rest and recovery from night duties and shall therefore be in addition to the normal provision of protected days off."

Bush Branch

4 April 2003