2004 BBC proposals issued

Proposals for the BBC Divisional Conference 2004 have been issued.

BECTU Branches in the BBC have submitted proposals, detailed below, for this year's Conference to be held on 9 May 2004.

Beforehand BBC Branches have until 1200 on 22 March 2004 to put forward amendments to the proposed changes.

Both these amendments and the original proposals will be subject to debate and voting at Conference by BECTU Branch delegates from across the BBC.

BECTU Branches are reminded they must notify Head Office of their Conference delegates by Friday 26 March 2004.

BECTU Branches can submit amendments to these proposals using the forms enclosed with BBC Divisional letter 2547 dated 13 February 2004.

Nominations by Branches for the BBC Divisional Committee 2004-2005, and for the Standing Orders Committee (SOC) for the 2005 BBC Divisional Conference, can also be made using forms attached to this letter.

The BBC Divisional Conference SOC have issued the below relating to propositions submitted by Branches.

BBC Divisional Conference propositions accepted by SOC

Proposition 1: BBC staff recruited overseas

That this BBC Division notes the increasing numbers of staff recruited overseas by the BBC. These staff frequently suffer from poor or inconsistent conditions of service.

Conference urges the BBC Division to look at ways in which these staff may be represented by a trade union and to seek formal recognition for these staff. Should recognition by a local trade union be considered, BECTU should ensure suitable links are forged between these organisations.

Bush Branch

Proposition 2: Limits on the distribution of BBC salaries

That this BBC Divisional Conference requests of the BBC that no single BBC employee will be paid a gross taxable annual salary more than 35 times that of any other BBC employee; further, that the proportionate difference between the uppermost tenth of BBC salaries and lowest tenth of BBC salaries (by gross taxable income) be published in the BBC Annual Report.

Glasgow Branch

Proposition 3: Membership of non-BBC organisations

That this BBC Divisional Conference requests of the BBC that all staff working with and/or deciding matters of personnel, grading and employment declare their membership of organisations outwith the BBC to the BBC, and that this information be placed on a list open to the public.

Glasgow Branch

Proposition 4: Increased London Weighting

That this BBC Divisional Conference instructs the BBC Divisional Committee to include an increase in London Weighting to at least four thousand pounds per year, in all future pay negotiations.

Central London Programmes Branch

Proposition 5: Outsourcing sell off of BBC Technology Ltd

That this BBC Divisional Conference instructs the BBC Divisional Committee to formally reiterate its unequivocal opposition to the proposed outsourcing sell off of BBC Technology Ltd and use all means possible to campaign against the BBC’s proposal.

IT Branch

Proposition 6: Settlement of industrial issues

That this BBC Divisional Conference confirms that any dispute which has resulted in a successful ballot of members calling for industrial action can only be called off after another ballot of members. The relevant SDC or BBC Divisional Committee can suspend a dispute to enter into or carry on negotiations, but cannot end the dispute without full reference back to the membership originally balloted.

NE & Cumbria Branch

Divisional conference propositions rejected by SOC

There were no propositions rejected by SOC.

Propositions received after the deadline

There were no propositions received after the deadline.
19 February 2004