BBC Conference 2006

The timetable for the BBC Divisional Conference 2006 has been issued.

The National Executive Committee has authorised the holding of the BBC Divisional Conference on Saturday 20 May 2006 before the main BECTU Annual Conference in Eastbourne.

Conference timetable
15 February 2006 Receipt of propositions at Head Office
12 April 2006 Receipt of amendments to propositions, nominations to BBC Divisional Committee and BBC Standing Orders Committee
20 May 2006 BBC Divisional Conference 2006, Eastbourne

Delegates to the BBC Divisional Conference will be in accordance with BECTU Rule 31(m). Where members of the BBC Divisional Committee are attending Annual Conference as delegates, Branches may send replacement representatives to the Conference.

The matters which may be discussed by the BBC Divisional Conference are set out in BECTU Rule 31(c):

  1. pay, conditions of service and grading of members in the Division and the method of securing the acceptance thereof by members affected;
  2. matters affecting the organisation, working conditions and staffing of members in the Division;
  3. policy on professional standards, current industrial practice and future developments that directly affect the members of the Division;
  4. proposals on these matters put forward by employers;
  5. the co-ordination of industrial strategy and the creation of industrial policies affecting members of the Division;
  6. business arising out of these matters referred to it by the branches in the Division or Sub-Division and by area committees;
  7. matters referred to the Division by the National Executive Committee and by Conference;
  8. matters arising out of the Divisional Conference.
Details of the overall union Annual Conference can be found on the main BECTU site.
14 December 2005