2006 BBC proposals issued

Proposals for the BBC Divisional Conference 2006 include objections to cuts in World Service language services.

BECTU Branches in the BBC have submitted proposals, detailed below, for this year's Conference to be held on 20 May 2006 in Eastbourne.

Beforehand BBC Branches have until 1200 on 12 April 2006 to put forward amendments to the proposals.

Both these amendments and the original proposals will be subject to debate and voting at Conference by BECTU Branch delegates from across the BBC.

BECTU Branches are reminded they must notify Head Office of their Conference delegates by 5 April 2006.

BECTU Branches can submit amendments to these proposals using the forms enclosed with BBC Divisional letter 2609 dated 3 March 2006.

Nominations by Branches for the BBC Divisional Committee 2006-2007, and for the Standing Orders Committee (SOC) for the 2007 BBC Divisional Conference, can also be made using forms attached to this letter.

The BBC Divisional Conference SOC have issued the below relating to propositions submitted by Branches.

BBC Divisional Conference propositions accepted by SOC

Proposition 1: Introduction of Grade 8 at BBC Monitoring

That this BBC Divisional Conference, in light of the recent review at BBC Monitoring, which has increased staff workloads and commitments, without consideration for staff career development, remuneration or progress within the Corporation, this BBC Divisional Conference instructs the Divisional Committee to enter into discussion with BBC management to explore the possibility of introducing salary level grade 8 at BBC Monitoring, in order that staff may have greater scope for such progress, remuneration and career development.

BBC Monitoring Branch

Proposition 2: Full Time-Off service

That this BBC Divisional Conference proposes that the "Full Time-off" service for lay officers and committee "chairs" should be for a period of two years at a time. This would better facilitate "Back fill", planning and allow for greater continuity within the service.

Belfast General Branch

Proposition 3: Outsourcing HR

That this BBC Divisional Conference instructs BBC Divisional Committee to ensure that with the outsourcing of HR departments, those companies so doing mirror all areas of work and expertise that are already covered by departments, especially those in Nations & Regions.

Belfast General Branch

Proposition 4: BBC World Service cuts

That this BBC Divisional Conference notes that

  • BBC World Service has closed 10 of its 43 language services in order to fund a BBC Arabic Service television channel. Many of these services have retained loyal and dedicated listeners in their target countries, where there is a considerable opposition to these closures. While it may be too late to save all of these Services it is possible that many other language services could be at risk of being closed in the future.
  • The Conference:
    • Believes that if the Government wants an Arabic Service television station, it should provide the necessary additional funding.
    • Recognises that in areas such as Thailand, for example, the BBC’s influence is considerable in representing Britain’s interests and Broadcasting impartially to a country which lacks a free media of its own.
    • Instructs the BBC Division to oppose the creation of any further TV services if they are to be set up at the cost of other Language Services.
Requests that the BBC Division asks as many BECTU members as possible to write to their MP demanding that the Government changes its policy on World Service Funding.

Bush Branch

BBC Divisional Conference propositions rejected by SOC

No propositions were rejected by SOC.
10 March 2006