2011 BBC pay claim

BBC unions have submitted a pay claim that includes a salary increase greater than the Retail Price Index.

In the pay claim the BBC have been reminded that it had not finished implementing staff cuts under the Creative Futures plan before announcing savage cuts in online under the Strategy Review, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office slashing the budgets of BBC World Service and Monitoring as part of the Government's austerity measures.

The latest initiative, Delivering Quality First, leaves "the onus of maintaining quality output falling on the shoulders of a significantly reduced workforce."

The joint unions are therefore calling for an increase above RPI for all staff in bands 2 to 11 irrespective of contract type. The same percentage increase to apply to floors and ceilings of grading bands, and all allowances.

Unions are due to start pay negotatians with the Corporation on 11 March 2011.

26 February 2011