2011 BBC proposals issued

Proposals for the BBC Divisional Conference 2011 include grievance process, meal breaks and network TV supply.

BECTU Branches in the BBC have submitted proposals, detailed below, for this year's Conference to be held 5 June 2011 after the main BECTU Annual Conference in Eastbourne.

Beforehand BBC Branches have until 1200 on 6 April 2011 to put forward amendments to the proposals.

Detailed below are propositions submitted by Branches and the BBC Divisional Committee accepted and rejected by the BBC Conference Standing Orders Committee (SOC).

BBC Divisional Conference 2011 propositions accepted by SOC

Proposition 1: Grievance Process

That this BBC Divisional Conference acknowledges and applauds the appropriate and detailed Grievance Procedures in force within the BBC which are visible to all BBC staff via the Gateway site.

However, we question their appropriateness when considered against the apparent very low success rate (rumoured to be 5% or less) of grievances raised. Appeals are even less successful.

Therefore, in the interests of transparency and accountability, Conference instructs the BBC Division to request that the BBC publish summary figures of the number and outcome of grievances by staff.

Bush Branch

Proposition 2: Historic Displays in W1

That this BBC Divisional Conference notes that many historic services of the BBC will be moving into the new W1 development next year, and that their identities will to a great extent be blurred or lost.

Therefore Conference instructs the BBC Division to press the BBC to create permanent displays in the new building to celebrate the history of the various services.

Bush Branch

Proposition 3: Network BBC TV Supply

That this BBC Divisional Conference notes that many BBC TV productions use few, if any, resources from the Nations or Regions where they claim to have been made.

Therefore Conference calls upon the BBC Division to:

  • Engage with the BBC to ensure that quotas for "out of London" productions are reached through genuine use of resources which properly and fully meet the Ofcom criteria.
  • Publish statistics (on a regular basis) for Network Supply which fully demonstrate how each production met the Ofcom Criteria.

BBC Cardiff Branch

Proposition 4: Meal Breaks

This BBC Divisional Conference notes that BBC agreed statement C1A3, Corporate Framework on Conditions of Service, states in section 4.3:

Meal breaks and rest periods within or at the end of a duty period will not count as working time.

Since infringed meal breaks were scrapped in 1992, the BBC has consistently asked staff to work or be contactable during meal breaks. Whilst the BBC sets a T rate based on a 35 hour week, it does not normally pay overtime to full time staff until a 40 hour week has been worked. This clearly suggests that the difference of five hours is for meal breaks.

Therefore Conference calls upon the BBC Division to engage with the BBC to properly apply its own statements by:

  • Recognising that staff should not be contactable during meal breaks
  • Ensuring all staff are given at least five hours a week for uninterrupted meal breaks which are not working time.

BBC Cardiff Branch

BBC Divisional Conference 2011 propositions rejected by SOC

There were no propositions rejected by the SOC.

28 February 2011