News headlines 2000

News headlines in chronological order

January 2000 to December 2000

December 2000

Report of the 11 December 2000 East Midlands liason meeting held at Nottingham.
Report of the 15 December 2000 North West liason meeting held at Manchester.
Report of the 30 November 2000 West liason meeting held at Bristol.

November 2000

Report of the 9 November 2000 North liason meeting held at Leeds.
Bush News Trainee Studio Managers low pay has been ended.
Updates on Marylebone High Street and Tunbridge Wells South East Review.
The relocation of World Service to Broadcasting House has been confirmed.

October 2000

Report of the 19 October 2000 East liason meeting held at Chelmsford.
Report of the 27 October 2000 North liason meeting held at Newcastle.
Report of the 29 September 2000 South liason meeting held at Southampton.

September 2000

The first meeting of the new South East Cluster has taken place.

August 2000

An update on the review of World Service Guaranteed Minimum Contracts has taken place.
Further discussions on the South East Review took place on 1 August.

July 2000

Report of the 17 July 2000 South West liason meeting held at Plymouth.
Report of the 12 July 2000 West Midlands liason meeting held at Birmingham.
The London reorganisation aspects of the South East Review have been discussed.

June 2000

World Service employment practices will continue to be challenged if the pay offer is accepted.

May 2000

Initial meetings to prepare for formal South East Review talks have taken place.

April 2000

Issues relating to the new London Live area have been discussed.

March 2000

Plans for English regions technical and property refurbishment have been discussed.
The impact of the South East Review in Kent and East Sussex has been discussed.
Union representative have met with English Regions management to discuss a range of proposals.

January 2000

The low number of air-conditioned rooms at Bush House has been questioned.
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