News headlines 2004

News headlines in chronological order

January 2004 to December 2004

December 2004

At the second meeting to discuss BBC cuts, managers revealed that detailed plans could be considered as early as January 2005.
Catering company Eurest has today agreed to recognise BECTU as the trade union for its staff working in BBC outlets.
Detailed information about the impact of BBC job cuts was surprisingly scarce at the first negotiating meeting.
The BBC's three staff unions have launched a campaign against savage redundancies and budget cuts which were announced today.
More than 3,000 jobs are threatened with redundancy in a sweeping programme of cuts at the BBC.
BECTU has been handing out membership forms to BBC staff in a bid to boost the union's bargaining strength when cuts talks begin.

November 2004

Management in Radio and Music have backed off plans to overhaul Studio Manager roles.
The timetable for the BBC Divisional Conference 2005 has been issued.
BECTU and the NUJ are circulating a petition to support the BBC against the current background of political and commercial pressure.

October 2004

BECTU members affected by the sale of BBC Technology have voted against their privatisation for the second time.
Union officials have condemned the BBC's announcement that a new grading system will be introduced.
BBC Technology members are being balloted on the sale of the company along with terms and conditions.

September 2004

BECTU has been warned by Culture Minister Tessa Jowell that she intends to approve the sale of BBC Technology to Siemens.
Culture Minister Tessa Jowell is deciding whether to approve the privatisation of BBC Technology Ltd.
BBCT and News staff are being advised not to sign letters circulated by Siemens.

August 2004

Nearly all staff terms and conditions are planned to be retained if the BBCT privatisation goes ahead.
Responses have been given to the list of issues still to be resolved on the proposed BBC Technology privatisation.
More than 92% of members responding in a ballot have rejected the proposed sale of BBC Technology.
The BBC has withdrawn most of the proposals to transfer News IT staff if BBC Technology is sold.
A list of issues still to be resolved on the proposed BBC Technology privatisation has been produced by the union.
A threat of legal action from the BBC has forced BECTU to cancel industrial action in BBC Technology.
The Culture Minister will be meeting BECTU before any government decision is taken on the future of BBC Technology.
87% of BBC Technology members responding in a ballot have rejected Siemens' first conditions offer.

July 2004

BECTU has been advised to call off industrial action in BBCT after receiving a second revised offer from employers.
Members of BECTU, NUJ, and Amicus have voted in postal ballots to accept this year's pay offer at the BBC.
Plans to privatise BBCT have been hit by the announcement of strike action, and a dramatic intervention by government.
Union members in BBC Technology are being balloted on a new offer from the company hoping to take them over on September 1.
BECTU members affected by the sale of BBC Technology have been advised not to fill in or sign any documents from Siemens.
100% of News IT members responding in a ballot have voted for industrial action.
More than four out of five BECTU members in BBC Technology have voted for industrial action over privatisation.
All three staff unions are to run consultative ballots among BBC members on a new pay offer.
BECTU representatives are due to open talks with Siemens Business Services, the company hoping to buy BBC Technology.
An industrial action vote among BECTU members in BBC Technology closes next Friday (9 July 2004).

June 2004

A strike ballot among BBC union members has been suspended after a 2.7% pay offer was improved.
News IT members are to be balloted on industrial action in response to plans to transfer staff out of the area.
Members in TV Playout in West London have voted against their TUPE transfer into BBC Broadcast Ltd.
An industrial action ballot in BBC Worldwide has halted after management made an improved pay offer of 2.8%.
BECTU and NUJ members in BBC Worldwide are voting on industrial action in protest at a 2.6% pay offer.
An industrial action ballot is planned for BECTU and NUJ members as unions reject a 2.7% pay offer.
A quarter of all IT staff in BBC News are planned to be TUPE transferred out of the BBC if Technology is sold off.
A ballot is being carried out on the proposed transfer of engineering staff from Technology to Broadcast.
Both companies left in the race to buy BBC Technology have been shown a secret plan for redundancies.
Members affected by the privatisation of BBC Technology are to vote on industrial action.
BECTU has signed a new recognition agreement with OCS, the BBC's main cleaning contractor in London.

May 2004

BECTU has called on the new BBC Chair to review recent decisions like the sale of BBC Technology.
More than 4 out of 5 members voting via e-mail have rejected a pay offer of 2.6% from BBC Worldwide.
Negotiations on the 2004 pay claim have begun with BBC management.
Branch delegates from across the BBC have met at the 2004 Divisional Conference.
Union officials have warned that redundancies among TV Factual programme-makers could be much higher than announced.
Freelancers in the BBC's Natural History Unit have won the right for BECTU to bargain on their pay and conditions.

April 2004

A new appraisal scheme is to be introduced across most of the Corporation.
BECTU and the NUJ have called on BBC Worldwide to increase its initial 2.5% pay offer for 2004.
An annual increase of 2.5% with a 1000 cash bonus has been accepted by BECTU members in BBC Technology.
Proposals to break-up part of BBC Technology are in dispute.

March 2004

BECTU representatives are consulting with members on a 2.5% pay offer from BBC Technology.
Union-backed Dan Cooke and Jenny Kimber have been elected as BBC Pension Trustees.
BECTU has tabled a claim for a 5% pay increase at subsidiary Worldwide Ltd.
Members in BBC Resources Ltd have voted to accept the 2004 pay offer.

February 2004

A pay claim covering three years has been submitted on behalf of members in the BBC's Technology subsidiary.
BECTU, NUJ, and Amicus have presented a pay claim for 2004 including a demand for a 5% increase.
Members working for BBC Resources Ltd are taking part in a postal ballot on this year's pay offer.
Unions are backing two nominees for the BBC Pension Scheme staff-elected trustee ballot.
Proposals for the BBC Divisional Conference 2004 have been issued.
Thousands of BBC staff joined protests organised by BECTU and the NUJ outside their workplaces today.

January 2004

The union has called for a halt to the wave of BBC resignations that followed the Hutton report.
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